Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Is Your Normal?

So...are you racing at USAT Nationals this weekend?  Are you recovering from last weekend's Half Ironman? Are you doing the local sprint tri?  Are you running your first Half Marathon?  Are you training long for that Fall goal race?

Obviously your norm isn't the normal.  Your goals, your races, your priorities, are different than the endurance junkie next to you.  Don't waste time comparing!  Spend your time productively moving forward, being positive, planning, strategizing, dreaming, and simply doing.

To those racing up in Wisconsin (Cortney, Patti, Kate, Jim and Edie in particular), I wish you a safe, smooth, and fulfilling experience! Each of you are WELL ready to attain the goals you seek.  To those racing locally (Tanya, Justin) may it be the same, but without the travel.  To those training long, may you find a weekend of smooth roads and happy trails!  To those recovering this weekend, peace to you and your family/friends relish in your time together.

As for me, I'm continuing to find out how it feels to be the slowest runner in my family...and I'm sooooo happy to be right where I am!  Go gettem gang!

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