Monday, November 10, 2014

Embrace Your Place!

There is a time for pushing, a time for grunting, a time for digging extra deep, a time for serious sweat, and a time for training/racing "pain"...there is also a time for thinking, rest and recovery!  Whether you are looking at your goal race this coming weekend (Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, Ironman Cozumel, among others for some of my athletes), or backing off your training for a few weeks post season, do take the time to make a conscious effort to embrace your place.  Often times we spend months and month (years for many) working toward a specific goal, yet many times we do not take time to fully appreciate what it is we've achieved.  Getting started toward that next goal is not as important as taking the time to enjoy the goal you just reached!  This place may be our peak or it may be just a blip on the screen, we never know for sure, so embracing this spot only makes sense.

Sure we work hard and want more as endurance junkies, but where we've gotten to this point is most often impressive and has came at a cost (often to our families).  Embrace and's to finding flow wherever it is that you may be!

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  1. Wise words as always, coach. Embracing my "place" & loving it!