Thursday, May 21, 2015

Turn the Page

Okay, I'm a kid of the 70's.  Bob Seger was a stud and did the guy ever know how to write a least in my book.  Sure, he won't be remembered along with Elvis or Madonna, but I'll take his ballads any day.  "Turn the Page"

Anyway, over the last several months this has been my theme for training, and now racing.  As most of you know, my last year was a bit less than typical and I won't bore you again with the specifics (read past posts if you want the details).  Suffice it to say that bodily brokenness, pain and limitation were the norm for many months.  That was then, this is now.

The annual Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon, the first Saturday in May is written in stone on the McGehee calendar.  It is the race that starts the new triathlon season!  Heavenly venue, my family around, great weather and many of my healthy/happy/successful athletes (several pictured above, a few missing) and friends racing here.

If you look closely at the picture of me on the bike at this race you will can notice two distinct things. 1) Can you tell I'm pretty happy to be racing?  The smile is a dead giveaway.
2) I am carrying a few extra pounds than typical this time of year:).
Believe me when I say that #1 out weighs #2 in my list of importance by...say...10 gazillion times!

Yes, I am back racing, Yes, I was able to swim, bike and run competitively after a blurry eyed watching of this same race last a different state of being.  No, I did not race with pain.  No, I did not have any issues during the race.  Was I the same? No, not that either.  But am I darn well better believe that!  Earlier I told a friend that my racing "success" this year would be determined by my extensive race experience and my raw genetic gift.  This is in stark contrast to the high emphasis on fitness that I'd typically consider as the key to my racing.  To this point, I have and will continue to chart my course based on long term strategies, not my day to day emotions.

Words cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation for the support and encouragement I have received from family, friends and my athletes whom I love dearly!  I am humbled and ecstatic that I am back to being an endurance athlete.  I am happy for the new norm. Won't you join me in turning the page and continue writing new chapters?  

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