Monday, July 14, 2014

Natural Athlete?

Sure, I know there are genetic differences between individuals and yes, it's a fact that some folks have "the gift" (high VO2 max in particular, as well as optimal body composition).  But you know what, that doesn't mean it comes easy to them.  Winning races, podium finishing, setting personal bests (PR's), improving takes desire, thought, sweat, time, energy, focus, consistency, and plain hard work.  Doesn't matter if you have "the gift" or not, once the pond is big enough, even the big fish have to put in the time/effort in training and on race day.  Congrats to you if you are out there battling no matter the size of your gift...success is in the eye of the beholder honestly...not won or lost based on how the other fish performed that day.

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